Environmentally Friendly Stone Veneer with Poraver® Recycled Glass

Cornerstone Architectural Products’ primary goal is to create cast stone architectural products and stone veneers that are unmatched in both strength and beauty. However, we also believe we have a responsibility to make our products environmentally friendly. Through our relationship with Poraver, we have been able to accomplish all that we set out to do.

Our Invisible Friend - Poraver's Recycled Glass Aggregate strengthens our stone veneer and is in keeping with our "green" mission

Our Invisible Friend – Poraver’s Recycled Glass Aggregate strengthens our stone veneer and is in keeping with our “green” mission

The Recycled Glass Solution

During the engineering of New England Veneer Stone, our design team flew to Germany and worked closely with scientists from Poraver. An international manufacturer of post-consumer recycled glass, Poraver’s lightweight glass aggregate was an important addition to our mix formula. It has effectively improved the strength, thermal efficiency, acoustic performance, and freeze-thaw resistance of our stone veneer and cast stone products.

The Greener Stone Veneer

Integrating Poraver in our mix design is also in keeping with our desire to produce a green product. It is very important to us that our manufacturing process be environmentally friendly. The use of recycled glass, along with crushed granite and limestone, helps us achieve this. And the glass is completely undetectable in the veneer, even when cut.

Strength and Integrity

We were able to perfect our mix design with the addition of Poraver’s recycled glass. We then applied a finish sealer is to the veneer to further enhance the durability and integrity of the veneer by helping prevent efflorescence and making it resistant to mold, salt and UV rays. These proprietary techniques allow us to provide a thicker, stronger veneer that adheres to the ASTM standards C1364 for architectural cast stone and C1670 for architectural thin stone veneer.

Don’t Take Our Word For It

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