ARDEX 8+9™ Rapid Waterproofing and Crack Isolation Compound


Two-component, solvent-free, Portland cement and acrylic-based liquid system that produces a flexible waterproof coating to protect substrates from topside side water infiltration. ARDEX 8+9 provides an outstanding bonding layer for ARDEX tile and stone setting materials. ARDEX 8+9 can also be used as a shower pan. Ideal for use in showers, kitchens and for exterior manufactured veneer stone installations.

• Ideal for commercial or residential showers, bathrooms and kitchens
• Cement on cement for a stronger bond
• Rapid setting- tile in as little as 90 minutes
• Crack isolation up to 1/8” (3 mm)
• 1/3 less cost per sq. ft. than competitors’ products
• Easy to mix and apply


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