Why New England Veneer Stone is Simply the Best

New England Veneer Stone Ashlar and Ledgestone

This customer chose a mix of New England Veneer Stone Ashlar and Ledgestone in New England Blend for this rustic fireplace design.

Create the best stone veneer. That’s always been our goal. And when we say the best, we don’t take the claim lightly. We feel our manmade veneer out performs the competition in every area – and that competition includes natural stone as well as manufactured stone. Here’s why:

  1. Less Breakage. Stone masons rave about New England Veneer Stone. Our higher break strength means less waste which equates to less time and money spent on installation.
  2. Beauty. With natural stone, color consistency is left to chance. Our colors are incredibly rich, realistically variegated and true to what you ordered.
  3. Authenticity. Manufactured veneers often look airbrushed and unrealistic. Everyone that sees our stone becomes a believer.  Each of our veneer stones are unique and authentic. They are shipped loose – not as a panelized system – allowing completely random patterns and mixing of stone shapes and sizes.
  4. Ease of Installation. Traditional masonry methods may be used. The high quality and consistent thickness of our veneer stone makes it easy to install with less cutting and trimming. If you do need to cut the stone, its no problem. Our stone aggregate mix goes all the way through each piece, which eliminates issues that arise when cutting other manufactured veneers.
  5. Green Product. The use of Poraver® recycled glass, along with crushed granite and limestone, helps us achieve an environmentally-friendly manufacturing process. And the glass is completely undetectable in the veneer, even when cut.
  6. Cleanable. You can use a gentle acid wash on our stone – something you could never do with most manufactured veneers.