Cornerstone Architectural Products are made with real stone aggregates and can be installed using traditional masonry methods. New England Veneer Stone® installation time is greatly reduced compared to natural stone due to less breakage in shipping and consistent quality, stone after stone. If needed, the veneer may be cut and chiseled just as you would a quarry cut stone. The cut edge will reveal natural stone throughout and will appear lighter than the veneer face – just as a natural cut stone would appear lighter on a surface that has not been weather-aged. Moldings and trim may also be cut to size and will reveal color throughout, just as with the veneers.

Cornerstone uses and recommends Ardex mortars and grouts for the installation of New England Veneer Stone.

Download the Ardex Product Guide here

New England Veneer Stone® has been subjected to extensive freeze-thaw tests and can withstand harsh climates. May be used for exterior and interior applications. It is suitable for use below grade and is UV, mold, and salt resistant.

A gentle wash of 6% muriatic acid, or its equivalent, and water may be used. This is a mild solution of 8 oz. of acid per 1 gallon of water and will not harm our stone. However, acid based solutions may harm other building materials, so please consult with their manufacturers. A pressure washer can be used, but should not exceed 1,000 psi.


*Not following these recommendations will void the warranty.