Ashlar New England Veneer Stone features handcut stone in a larger face than Ledgestone. Rectangular stones come in a wide range of heights and textures with a facing area per piece of between .5 and 1.5 square feet. The weight, varied coloration, and authentic feel of this stone veneer is truly remarkable. These are individual veneer stones, not a panelized system, so the veneer can be installed in a random and genuinely realistic pattern. Packed in crates, half crates, and boxes as individual flat stones. Matching 90º corners are available. Installation options for all other angles are weaving or miter cutting on site.

Available in New England Blend, Orchard Blend, Warm Granite Blend, Cool Granite Blend, Quartzite Green, Quartzite Grey, Quartzite Gold, Traditional Tan, and Bluestone, as well as custom colors and blends.

Facing Area: ½ to 1½ square feet
Size Range: Approx. 5˝ to 18˝ wide x 4˝ to 8˝ high
Thickness: 1¼ to 1½ inches

Installed weight: 15 lbs per square foot or less
Strength: Break strength is in excess of 11,000 psi – the strongest in the industry. Higher stone strength equates to less breakage in shipping and less waste.


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